Light Beings & Angels
Kathleen G Peterson

We are all Light Beings who have chosen to experience life on the earth plane. We are surrounded by Angels
and Other Enlightened Beings who wish to help us as we travel on our journey and experience this grand
adventure called life.

It is my goal to help people, no matter what their current position in life, to develop a closer connection with the
Angels, Other Enlightened Beings and the power within.

Things are changing rapidly now in the world around us and within us. These changes are creating shifts in
attitude and consciousness. It is because of these shifts that people are becoming more aware of their
connection with Spirit and that we are linked energetically to each other.         
As we awaken more fully to the knowledge that we are spiritual light beings we expand our thinking to include
ideas about spirituality, angels and other enlightened beings. These Divine Beings have always been guiding and
assisting us and in this new era we have the opportunity to learn to work with them daily.

Join me on this wonderful journey of spiritual discovery, embracing the connection with the Angels and Other
Enlightened Beings as they help us live a life of joy and purpose.
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