Kathleen G Peterson

                                                          WE ARE HERE FOR YOU       
                                         Messages From The Archangels and Other Light Beings

Don't Read This Book From Cover To Cover, Randomly Open It To Any Page For A Personal Message

This is a channeled book with inspiring messages from the Archangels and Other Enlightened Beings. You will receive a personal message when you
randomly open the book to a page. As you read the message you can connect with the    Archangel or Other Light Being who has given the message and
absorb the loving energy behind it, which you can carry with you through the day. This book can be used as you would an Oracle Card Deck for
guidance, support and encouragement.


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I absolutely love this book. I met Kathleen at an ATP training course in Hawaii, where this book was one of the items in the course's bookstore, among items by
Doreen Virtue and other luminaries. I am convinced that this was the best thing in that bookstore and I am so so grateful that I happened upon it and bought it.
Kathleen gives beautiful messages in noticeably distinct voices that you feel in your bones truly come from the ascended masters whose name is at the top of the
page. I have had about 20-30 instances where what I happened to read illuminated precisely the situation i was in. A couple of times besides those, I've picked it up
just for information and to get a feel for different ascended masters. Every time that you have a question, you will receive direction from this book. It is by far -- by
far -- my favorite oracle, from among all the Hayhouse materials out there. I absolutely promise you, if you are open to the idea of ascended masters, this book will
take you a lot further on your journey.  ~M.P. New York~

This is a great book!! The messages are so powerful. I've been using the book as a daily oracle to feel more connected to my divine support system. Thank you
Kathleen!! ~ A.G Denver ~

I love this collection of channeled messages. You can intuitively open it and it seems as if the message were written for you and your situation every time. I am
moved by the powerful insights and deeper meanings you can find as you read and re-read them. ~L.C. Tuscan ~

This book has become part of my daily practice. Whether I ask a question of the Angels or ask to receive Their message for me that day, when I randomly open the
book and read the message - it's clear that randomness had nothing to do with it. The message is always perfectly aligned with my issue or question - the Angel I
turn to is clearly Divinely selected. I'm now incorporating selections into my meditation practice and even have chosen one particular Angel message as an
affirmation before going on job interviews. I expect to be wonderfully employed very soon!
~ T.C. California~