Kathleen G Peterson

For more than 25 years Kathleen has been helping people say YES to life, possibilities & opportunities. She is a
channel for those in the higher realms which includes Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and Other Light
Beings. She uses her divine connection to the angelic and spiritual realms to channel  information from them
to help you see possibilities, opportunities and to assist you in releasing blocks you may have to receiving what
you desire. Whatever you are inquiring about these divine beings can provide clarity, guidance and
understanding so you can make choices to create the life you want to live. When you call and ask for the
guidance you will automatically be open to receiving the information from your angels and guides as they speak
through Kathleen to promote empowerment, love for yourself and  help to live your life in joy and purpose.

Kathleen is an Internationally known Channel, Angel Therapy Practitioner® with advanced training,
Professional Spiritual Teacher, Light Resonance Healing® Practitioner, Holistic Energy Healer with advanced
training and an Ordained Minister .
She is a Host of "Kathleen Peterson and Friends"every Friday at 11:00 AM Pacific on 12Radio providing
Channeled messages and readings from her book. She is the  Author of the book
Messages from the Archangels & Other Light Beings"
which is filled with channeled messages of love, support
guidance and encouragement.

Schedule and appointment. I would love to talk to you. I do all my readings via phone exclusively at 12Listen
Contact me at


This is a larger enlightened consciousness who have never existed in a body on earth. They speak through
Kathleen with one voice who is called Joshua. This non-physical consciousness speaks to you at your level of
comprehension in a loving, non-judgemental way with the primary purpose of empowering you to live your life
in your highest potential. Come prepared to ask questions about your concerns be they global or personal, as
this is a conversation between you and the "Joshua consciousness".  Because Kathleen is the channel for
Joshua she will not remember the details of your conversation.

Contact Kathleen at this website for information about costs for a group.

See schedule for information about upcoming group sessions for the
"Joshua Consciousness'


Everything on earth and in the Universe has a holographic relationship. Light Resonance Healing
works on the light matrix that exists within the body. This light matrix is similar to the
acupuncture points or meridians found within our body.
Light Resonance Healing® is an alternative holistic energy approach. It utilizes frequencies such
as light, color and sound to create a resonance within the body.  Light Resonance unites these
frequencies   bringing them into the body. This technique allows the light that one has within
their body to resonate. As a result it strengthens frequencies within a person’s body and reboots
the energy (like a computer turning on) bringing the client into a state of harmony and balance.
When a person is in touch with these frequencies a universal flow is created which travels
through the body and activates the bodies own grid system, the light matrix.
Light Resonance  Healing® is an advanced healing technique which integrates the use of light,
sound and color. It works throughout our energetic, physical, emotional and spiritual body. This
healing technique is available to all of us and has been on this planet for many years. We are now
re-awakening to its invaluable use as a tool to heal ourselves and activate the light within.

Light Resonance Healing® Sessions

A session is approximately 45 minutes in length.
Sessions are available in person and remotely.
3 to 5 sessions are recommended.

Contact Kathleen through this website for in person sessions.

DISCLAIMER: The services provided above are not meant to treat, diagnose, prescribe, or cure
any physical,mental or emotional disorder/disease, nor are they meant to
                     replace the advice or treatment from a licensed professional such as Medical                   Doctor,
Psychiatrist, Psychologist or Counselor. One should seek a
licensed Physician, Psychiatrist or Counselor for diagnosis and treatment.