Kathleen G Peterson                                           
                                                                                                                                                         Message from Mother Mary


 Message from Archangel Michael                              

Dear Ones,

I come today offering my love and protection.  I offer my protection, because I see much fear among you.  Do not let fear get a foothold
in your life, as once you allow it to take hold, it becomes where you focus your energy and that only increases the fear.  It is important to
realize that the more you fear, the more that fear is projected into the world and the greater the number of people living in fear, the
more this energy encompasses the world you live in.

I know that with all of the upheaval going on in your earth plane, many of you ask, "How is it Possible to live without fear?"  I say to
you,"Call on me and any of the other angels and ascended master you are comfortable with and ask for their help.  We are here for you."

I will cut through your cords of fear and release you from the lower energy that engulfs you. Rise up and change your focus.  You are
needed now, to change the focus of your earth plane.  I will protect you and support all that you do to encourage a positive shift in focus.

As has been discussed, much that is happening today is a part of bringing the lower energies to the light, so that they can be transmuted
into love.  Change your focus today.  Open to the abundant universe and project that energy into the world, rather than the energy of
fear.  Realize that part of what is happening is a result of the energy you are sending into the world, gathering together in a collective
whole.  If each of you changes your focus and lives from a joyful, loving energy, this is what will be projected and as such, will affect
others, who in turn will affect others and so on and so it expands.

Look at yourself and the world through loving, accepting eyes, with an open heart and an open mind.  Focus, just for today, on
celebrating your life and your earth plane.  Send joyful, peaceful thoughts and energy to the whole world.  Take the time today, to stop
what you are doing, occasionally and send your earth plane, joyful, loving thoughts without any expectation, except to share the joy and
love that lies within your heart.

Now is the time your earth plane needs these thoughts and this energy.  Do not fear when you do this.  Release the fear and concentrate
on the love and joy you wish to project.  Call on me and I will assist you in this effort.  I am here for you, always in whatever you wish.  
Do not look at me in awe, as I am here to serve you in all ways.  I will protect you 24/7, if that is what you desire. Just ask and know that
I will respond.  My protection will, perhaps, release your need to feel tense and fearful.  I am here with love, and my strength will protect
you from lower energies.  Trust that I am here and that you are protected.

Go forth today and face the world with a joyful heart, celebrating all that is and all that will be.  You are protected.  You are loved.  You
are a powerful light-worker.  Know this and share your joyful energy.  I will protect you, if you "ask".

I send you love and blessings.  I see all the joy and love that lives within you and offer my protection and assistance to help you be the
glorious being you are.  Awaken to your glorious self.  
I can help with this.