Kathleen G Peterson

About Kathleen

Kathleen is an internationally known author of the book "WE ARE HERE FOR YOU,
Messages From The Archangels & Other Light Beings"
. She has been offering
metaphysical training and personal consultations to the public since 1987 in spiritual
exploration, interacting with your angels, channeling and meditation and has students
and clients across the nation.

She is an  Psychi/Energy Advisor on
 12Listen.  She is host of "Kathleen Peterson & Friends"
12Radio.com She is an Angel Therapy Practitioner ® with advanced training and Professional
Spiritual Teacher. She is also a Speaker, Channel, Holistic Energy Healer with advanced
training, Ordained Minister and Light Resonance Healing ® Practitioner.

In Kathleen's seminars and private sessions she offers the use of multiple modalities. She
does both private and public channeling from the angels, other enlightened beings and "The Joshua Consciousness". She is
available for Intuitive Readings at 1
2Listen.com, Speaking Engagements, and Events. She uses her Divine connections to the
Angelic and Spiritual realms to channel guidance and healing.

Kathleen grew up in Minneapolis, MN and has been involved in spiritual exploration all of her life, although she wasn't aware
that it was spiritual in nature. In the early years she referred to it as searching for the meaning in her life. Throughout her
career, which began with social work, followed by executive positions in the corporate world, she searched  for some type of
work, which would incorporate her quest for understanding, her intuitive abilities and her desire to help people.

In 1984, she became actively involved with The Healing Arts Center in Woodland Hills, CA, taking classes in meditation,
spiritual development, crystal therapy and alternative methods of healing. She taught classes in hands on healing, energy
healing, Feng Shui, and meditation. Both the study and the teaching helped increase her awareness of the universal connection.
It was during this process that she began channeling.

Her trans-channeling began in 1994. Kathleen channels a Light Being called Joshua, who is the voice for a larger enlightened
consciousness. Kathleen is an Internationally known trans-channel. In February 2004 during meditation she was asked to
channel messages from the Archangels and Ascended Masters and  send them to people via the Internet. The book grew out of
these channeled messages.

She is affiliated with The San Francisco Institute of Light Resonance and Angels which offers workshops and certificate
programs in Channeling, Intuitive Angel Counseling, Mediumship and Light Resonance Healing®.

For Intuitive Angel Readings,
Healing sessions or  Counseling contact 12Listen.com

For Speaking engagements, Events, "The Joshua Consciousness" and Light Resonance
Healing® sessions please contact this website.